Crufts 2010


Australian Terriers

It is some time since I last judged the breed and there are times when I wonder if Breeders ever do read the standard. On the whole dogs looked nice standing but hind movement in quite a few was awful and must be looked into and dealt with in the breeding programmes. One or two elbows were sticking out on the return to me and this could be helped by careful grooming but fronts were certainly better than rears. Again quite a few round eyes when the standard calls for nowadays that they should be relatively small and of dark brown colour. There were too many light eyes and this is not acceptable even in the reds. With a round eye health issues may develop and indeed one or two dogs had eyes that were slightly bulbous and watery. I was very disappointed to pick up mouth faults in at least 3 of the dogs. I did not penalize this severely but did take it into account with my placings. I was delighted with my main winners and noted there were no absentees.

Sp.JD (1)

1. Mitchell's Hoochinoo -A well made blue and tan male with a good harsh coat and the blue starting to come through well. Eye a little on the round side and a little lighter than I would have liked. Excellent front and rear movement which was impeded slightly by his handler not letting him move as freely as he wanted!

LD (3)

1. Jackson and Foskett's Mistabert Red Rascal - Sandy dog who was a bit short of coat today but as a result was not hiding anything. He is maturing well, nice length of body, good mouth with strong jaw and
moved out and back the best in this class. His eye shape could be better as could the colour.
2. Jone's Silhill Blue Velvet from Wyeafon - A well constructed blue and tan, nice colour and well presented. His hind movement let him down.
3. Alber's Silhill True Blue - Litter brother to 2 and of a similar type. Coat was not good and perhaps would have looked better taken out altogether. Again hind movement let him down.

OD (5)

1. Jone's Silhill Limited Edition at Wyeafon - Blue and tan dog who has taken a long time to mature but is all the better for that. He moved like a dream and as an Aussie should, keeping his topline on the move at all times. Lovely arched neck and was alert and watching what he was doing. Did not put a foot wrong and well deserved the CC and BOB. I heard that made him up for the day. He looked well in the Group ring too and was an excellent ambassador for the breed.
2. McCourt's CH Silhill Red Dragon - This red dog is a son of the CC winner and was as you would expect, beautifully presented and handled. He moved well too but did not have the presence of his father today. He was my RCC for the day.
3. Bell, Tyrell & Foskett's Ch Belyndi The Wild Card - A nice dog to go over with a correct mouth and perhaps of a finer type than the other two in the class. His hind movement was not good today and I have seen him move better than this.

VB (3)

1. Foskett's Belyndi Liberty Belle - This blue and tan bitch has won do much in the Veteran classes for her owner and I could see why. At 12 years old she could move out and back like a youngster and her mouth was perfect. She has developed a slight dip in her back but that was all I could fault her for. I wish her a long and happy retirement.
2. Lapthorne & Thompson's Ch Jenina Jay Jay - A well known red bitch who got her title last year and was well deserved. Today she did not sparkle like I have seen her do and was probably carrying a little too much weight which made her look a trifle stuffy. With a bit of work on this I think she will do well as a Veteran and perhaps we shall see her in the breed classes again.
3. Tyrrell & Foskett's Wilfnbell Spirit of Liberty - A sandy bitch with a good harsh coat (coats tend to soften with age). She is a daughter of my winner in this class and it is not often you have mother and daughter together in the Veteran class.

Sp.PB (1)

1. Cook's Wilfnbell Miss Mulberry - A very raw blue and tan puppy. She is 13 months old but looks younger so will obviously be slow to get it together. I would like to see her grow a bit. She has a lovely coat colour and moved well going and coming.

PGB (9)

1. Behne's Va Bene it's Snowtime - The biggest class of the day and this was a lovely young red bitch who had everything going for her. Beautiful coat colour, good dark eye and pigment as a few of the reds were lacking in pigment, and excellent tail which was correctly held on the move.
2. Thompson's Wyeafon Poledancer - Another well turned out red bitch, whose movement was excellent. The only thing to separate her from 1 was the shape of her eye, but on another day could have won the class.
3. Simpkin's Landor She's Hot To Go - Again a very nice bitch with a lovely red coat and excellent pigment. Movement was good both ways. To be critical I would have left a little more hair on her tail to balance her up.

LB (7)

1. Foskett's Wilfnbell Uptown Girl - Very stylish red bitch. Well turned out with a lovely head and expression and nice placed even ears. Moved well and the handler got the best out of her at all times.
2. Behne's Va Bene it's Snowtime
3. Skelton's Brimartz Catch Me If You Can - A well constructed blue and tan bitch who can be difficult and headstrong in the ring. Good blue colour and harsh coat and well turned out. Movement was ok when she decided to do it properly.

OB (6)

1. Sild's Est./Fin Ch Truozzy's Hand In Hand - This blue and tan bitch was head and shoulders above the other bitches today. Her coat was harsh, tailset perfect, correct eye and movement to die for. She got the RCC last year and this was a well deserved CC for her. I am so glad I had the chance to go over this lovely bitch. She did seem to tire in the challenge but she and her owner had had a long journey to get to Crufts.
2. McCourt's Ch Silhill Sweet Pea - The first time I have gone over this bitch and she did not disappoint. Good eye and pigment and moved well. This bitch dogs not have the glamour of her litter sister but I have always preferred her as I think she is so typical of the breed. She was my RCC for the day
3. Garon's Belyndi Fly The Flag - Again another nice bitch with a good eye and moved well. Well turned out and handled.

Good Cit B (1)

1. Cox's Spitewinter Causing Chaos at Petitpaws - Blue and tan bitch who looks lovely standing but moves a little close behind. Not much to criticize but could lose a little weight perhaps. She is always turned out well and is a bitch I have liked before




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