After half a year out of the show ring due to knee problems and now having survived a replacement knee operation..the best thing ever after the initial pain…started up with a vengeance at the 2 day Combined Canine Club International Show and Championship Show held at Irish Kennel Club's Exhibition Centre in Dublin. I took Frankie (Ir.Ch. Millvalley Shades of Red) and Ruby (Ch Millvalley Red Ruby) as a Veteran.

The first day was the International Show and our Judge from Finland was Ms. A Paloheimo who gave Frankie, Green Star Dog, CACIB and BOB and Ruby Green Star Bitch and BV. Frankie performed well in the Group but was not pulled out but you have to understand that in Ireland the Terrier Group is very strong and I was pleased he acquitted himself so well..the Group judge was also Ms Paloheimo. She did say to me he was a very nice type. Ruby on the other hand got pulled out into the last 6 for BVIS and her judge was none other than Mr. T Bradley from the USA who judged BIS at Westminster this year. Ruby was not the world's most keen show dog but old age…she is 12and a half… seems to have given her a new lease of life and she motored round the ring and she seemed to love every minute.

The Sunday was the Championship Show and again Frankie took the Green Star Dog and BOB and Ruby Green Star Bitch and BV. The judge this time is well known to us Aussie people…Mrs. Liz Cartledge from the UK who was instrumental in rescuing Ch/AM Ch Millvalley Red Rufus a few years ago when he was stuck in Calais because his microchip could not be read. No Veteran Group this time and again nothing in the Group but we had a great time especially meeting up with old friends and Frankie's co owner Jackie Stubbs and Andrea his wife. The craic was good!
Smooth crossings over the Irish Sea both times and home exhausted but pleased at how the dogs acquitted themselves.We brought back quite a haul of rosettes to show for our trip!

I apologise for not keeping this news page up to date this year but in July I suffered a very severe onset of arthritis in my left knee…was ok when I got up that morning but by lunch time was in extreme pain and so it continued throughout the summer…without may I add much assistance from my doctors…until I eventually decided to use my private medical insurance and discovered that I needed knee replacement surgery urgently…which has now been done and I am now 4 weeks in to my convalescence…still quite painful but will get better so you can imagine this curtailed my showing activities.

I am delight ed to say however that thanks to the efforts of Jackie and Andrea Stubbs both Millvalley Shades of Red (Frankie ) and Spitewinter Aefond Kiss for Millvalley (Alice)are now full Irish Champions!

I promise I will try to do better in 2017 in keeping you up to date!

The Millvalleys and I wish you all a
very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Sunday 13th March saw the Millvalleys at the NEC Birmingham for Crufts…what a day to remember!!Our judge was Mrs. Sherril Goodwin(Spitewinter) who judges as she sees the dogs on the day and not who’s on the end of the lead!!

Millvalley Shades of Red (Frankie) co-owned with Jackie Stubbs won the DCC and BOB…RDCC went to his grandfather Ch/Am Millvalley Red Rufus aged 11 years! Frankie is by Ch’Gr Cc Temora’s Ri Diercc (Mac) ex Millvalley Prima Donna. The BCC was awarded to Ch Millvalley Blue Persimmon owned by me and Mr/s Skelton..her 4th CC and to crown it all Ch Millvalley Diva won Veteran Bitch at the age of 12 ½….It was a great thrill to see Frankie handled as ever by Jackie in the Group ring and he managed to make the TV. In fact you can see his performance in full on Youtube at” Crufts Terrier Group.”

Frankie’s next appearance will be at the St Patrick’s Day Show in Dublin this coming weekend and he will then stay in Ireland for the near future to take part in various shows there.



Mac and I set off for our trip to Milan to the World Dog Show going through the Eurotunnel to Calais and then on to Alsace where we overnighted and through the St Gotthard Pass in Switzerland…round the Italian Lakes to Milan. Our hotel was quite close to the venue and had been converted out of a linen factory and was very modern…the food was lovely and dogs were very welcome. We had a day of rest when I did a recce to the Show Venue…huge and complicated to get to…and then Mac and I relaxed till the afternoon when grooming was the order of the day…for both of us!! After all you have to look your best in Milan!!

At the show the next day..it was a bit like being at Crufts as I met so many people I knew…and not just from the UK…met Facebook friends too which was nice. It was then time for us..unfortunately just a couple of weeks before the Show we learned that we had a change of Judge…it was to have been Peter Green from the US and we now had a Russian judge. Mac and I have decided that taking part was the high spot for us and he did not win but was graded Excellent. I thought he looked great and so did Geoff Corish his handler but he obviously was not the type the judge was used to seeing and he was the only Aussie there with a docked tail.

Next day we set off back to the hotel in Alsace near Colmar where we stayed for a couple of nights as I wanted to make a visit to Riquewhir a very picturesque town at the centre of the wine region. I had visited there previously on at least a couple of occasions with my parents and wanted to stock up on the Riesling wine which is reknowned as being excellent from that region. Mac was so admired as he strutted round Riquewihr with many people stopping to ask about him…he just loved holding court!! And yes…I had brushed him up before we went on our walk!

After a couple of days chilling in Alsace we set out on the homeward journey with a proposed overnight stop in the cathedral city of Rheims. However…disaster struck…as I was overtaking a lorry one of my tyres blew but my car did what it is supposed to do and kept on a straight line till I was able to pull off the road! Out we got Mac and I..me with the high viz waistcoat…have one for a dog but that was at home and off we tramped about 1km to the emergency phone..thank goodness I speak French!! After about half an hour the pickup truck arrived and Mac, the car and I were transported to a rest area where the emergency tyre was put on and thanks to Mercedes….I didn't have to pay for any of this!! Once at the hotel in Rheims I was booked into the Mercedes dealers and got 2 new tyres put on ..the service second to none and I have had it confirmed that the cost of 2tyres and the fitting etc was less that if I'd had to have one done here in the UK…should have had the car serviced when I was there!!

The next day it was back to Calais and the check in for the Pet Passport schemeforMac…an guess what the French scanners would not read his chip….deja vu here with his father Rufus….I had my own scanner with me and read his chip but no the Frech staff didn't like that so I gave them my scanner and they read it themselves so we were allowed to pass!! For those of you in the know I do have Ryslip Kennels on speed dial!!(UK quarantine Kennels)

We arrived back at Millvalley without further incident I am glad to say!!

Well I suddenly realised I had been neglecting my blog this year…apologies but it has been busy at Millvalley since the beginning of the year! On 6th January…a week earlier than expected Sylva(Millvalley Prima Donna) gave birth to her first litter…I suspect Mac must have got there earlier than I thought as they looked full term puppies…4 boys and 1 girl. Unfortunately one of the boys didn't make it but the others are now well settled in to their new homes now…one is staying here (Millvalley Shades of Red) and his blue and tan brother has gone to Sweden to be coowned by Jannica Lindblom and Ulla-Britt Norgren.

Sylva's Litter

a Rufus daughter Spitewinter Aefond Kiss

The show season started with Manchester Ch Show in January..not a memorable show for us but no CCs so nothing lost. We did not go to Crufts because of the puppies and anyway Mac couldn't go because he is docked! National Terrier Easter weekend was enjoyable because Mac's breeder Julie Seaton was visiting all the way from Wisconsin…we had a great week together and yes Mac did remember her! We had a good time with Alison Tams and Phil and of course Julie was able to see Rio, Mac and Paris in the ring! Mac won the DCC …no comment and Rio perhaps should have won BP but that's showing for you..take the rough with the smooth and accept the political decisions with grace!! Rufus, a onetime guest of Julie's and father of Mac was competing in the Veteran Stakes where he was upstaged by Paris!!

Birmingham National saw us back at Stafford and this time because Geoff Corish, Mac's usual handler was judging in Japan…Mac was handled by Jackie Stubbs..better known as the Secretary of Belfast Ch Show…my payback is I have promised to go that show in September where classes for the breed will be scheduled for the breed for the first time…and I don't do ferries and water!! Jackie and Mac were shortlisted in the group having got BOB from Judge Peter Bakewell whose Norwelston Aussies used to be the ones to beat!!

Mac & Henry

A couple of weeks saw us at our local Ch Show…SKC atEdinburgh and here I was joined by Jannica who had come over to collect her Aussie pup from me. Again Mac won BOB and I handled him in the Group and was again shortlisted! Jannica stayed with me till the Tuesday when I took her and Scottie, as he is named to Edinburgh Airport. She told me he was SO well behaved all the way…surprising to those who know him well!!

A little bit of joy…Melba(Ch. Millvalley Heather Belle) has come home to spend her last days with her family…she will be 15 in September but is so fit and her coat is still that lovely dark blue and she hasn't forgotten that she always slept on the top of my pillow!!

What next…a great adventure for Mac and me…we are off to Milan next week for the World Show…I am driving so looking forward to that and making a holiday out of it. Will take photos for the next update!



Paris and all at Millvalley
wish you a Happy Christmas and a
prosperous New Year and Good Luck in 2015

Alan V Walker©
Group 2 at Darlington


Mac is now in relax mode after a long season of showing


September saw us first of all at Darlington Ch Show where there are classes for us but no CCs. With Mac's usual handler Geoff in Canada judging it was up to handler #3 to take over!! There were only 4 Aussies entered and the irony was I was handling 2 Temoras and Malcolm Skelton was handling 2 Millvalleys!! Mac was BOB and Paris was BOS…she was entered as a Veteran as Darlington has a Veteran Group… Paris was blissfully unaware that her age was a factor for her being at the show!! Our Judge was Mrs Patsy Hollings. Well I then had to get organised for 2 Groups…Mac got nowhere in the Group…not unexpected for that particular Judge…but Paris was placed Group 2 in the Veteran Group…Judge John Thirlwell. I won the very first Veteran Group here with Ch Dinky Di Southern Cross and then had a Group 2 with Diva so honour was preserved! We had stayed the night before at the Ripon Spa Hotel a wonderful old fashioned but modernised hotel with wonderful gardens ..with squirrels and rabbits..reminded of my childhood when we used to stay in hotels like these and not in the modern chains like we mostly do today…and the floorboards creaked and the dogs were welcome and no charge was made for them!

We also went to City of Birmingham Ch Show when Geoff was away …Mac was not shown in the breed but in the Championship Stakes with Andrew Brace judging. We made the shortcut but the standard was high and I was pleased to get that far. Bertie , Derby's son was shown in the breed and got his Crufts qualifier to the delight of Steve and Sue.

By the time we reached Driffield Ch Show held at Wetherby Racecourse Geoff was back from his travels and was handling Mac again to his 5th CC and BOB and shortlisted in the Group with judges Zena Thorn-Andrews and Group Judge Stuart Plane. At Driffield the Group Judges and Stewards change into black ties and Dinner jackets for the men and the ladies wear evening dress..it is a lovely tradition and gives a certain atmosphere to the proceedings.

The last show for us …where we have our last set of CCs till Crufts next year was to South Wales Kennel Assoc ChShow again back at Builth Wells and to our favourite hotel. This time the weather was not good with lots of rain but we managed though I did get a row from Geoff because Mac's coat was a tad unruly due to being out in the rain!! I do my best….All judging is indoors in cattlesheds…a bit chilly..but Mac again won the DCC his 6th and then got Group 4 under Judge Peter Bakewell who has had a few winning Aussies in his career. Our Breed Judge was Richard Allen who was giving us CCs for the first time and of course Richard handled Ch. Dinky Di Southern Cross to a historic Group win…her daughter Ch. Millvalley Heather Belle to a Group win at this show and also handled Ch Millvalley Diva and Ch/Am Ch Milvalley Red Rufus to their many wins..but for the past few years has handles almost exclusively WFTs …..so it was nice to see that he thought Mac was good enough to win under him.


August is Wales…the Welsh Kennel Club Show is held at the Royal Welsh Showground at Builth Wells and we stayed as usual at the beautiful Lake Country House Hotel for 3 nights. The grounds are ideal for the dogs and the hotel welcomes them too…you just have to watch out for the free range chickens!! The weather was hot but we did have a shower of rain..wouldn't be Wales without it!! Showing was ouside for the first time in many years and this time Bill Browne-Cole was judging the breed. He gave Mac his 4th CC but on this occasion BOB went to the bitch.


The last weekend of July was the Australian Terrier Club of Great Britain's Club Ch Show and our Judge was Mrs. Velma Hodgson of the Brimartz affix.She and her late husband Brian bred many champions in the breed so we were all looking forward to her appointment. Her critique can be found on the club's website. I am sorry to say it was not a Mac or Millvalley day but then that's dog showing for you…however the brightest moment came when Ch/Am Ch Millvalley Red Rufus came out of retirement and was Best Veteran In Show to the great joy of his proud new parents the Bidwells. Rufus had been prepared and handled by Malcolm Skelton and he certainly looked the part amongst the younger dogs even though I say it myself. Rufus is now 8 and later we introduced him to his "famous" son Mac..to my surprise there were no fireworks…just a nod from them as if to say OK we've met!!

UK/AM BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc

May saw us Edinburgh…local for me for the Scottish Kennel Club Ch. Show. Our judge was to be Brenda Brown, a breed judge and also the Secretary of The Australian Terrier Club of Great Britain. Brenda and her husband Bill have the famous Ralindi Kennels and when I came into the breed all those years ago they were up there with the big kennel names of Spenmoss and Rivelin and were virually unbeatable. My foundation bitch was Rosie, a red bitch called Ralindi I'm a Lady of Millvalley but knowing Brenda as I do I knew it would do me no favours in the ring!! Mac won the DCC and BOB but progressed no further in the Group. Millvalley Blue Persimmon…a puppy won the BCC and her mother the RCC! (Derby) In case you are wondering where the names come from for Derby's litter…they are all winners of the Derby over the years! Mac went home with Geoff and Michael as I was due to fly to the US to attend the ATC of US Specialty however as some of know I was not allowed to fly because of contracting cellulitis so had to stay at home.

June saw us at sunny Blackpool…yes it was sunny for once and I ended up getting sunburnt!! Mac again won the DCC…his third and qualifying CC for his UK championship(subject to KC Confirmation) under judgeMr Malcom Murray who has owned Aussies in the past and said that Mac reminded him of his well known Ch Brimartz Red Alert at Yarrum. Sylva won the RBCC as well so a good dayall round. Mac as usual handledby Geoff Corish went on to win Group 4 under Group Judge Roger Crooks As I stayed to watch Mac in the Group it was a late arrival home …10.15pm!! But worth it!

We now have a lull till our Club Championship Show at the end of July….oh and by the way Mac is the proud father of 6 puppies born to the Jumpers Kennel in Germany..he will be an absent father I'm afraid!

5th April:

Well what a day we had at National Terrier Championship Show..this was Mac's debut in the UK and what a debut it was! Handled by top handler Geoff Corish Mac won the DCC and then to my great joy my Sylva (Millvalley Prima Donna) won the BCC..her first..so Geoff and I had to challenge for BOB. It was no contest really as the moment Sylva met up with her "mate" Mac in the ring she went all girly and flirty…very unprofessional!! You have to understand that Mac had been staying with Geoff for about a week before the show so they could get to know each other. To make it a day to remember Mac ended up BIS 4..and between the two of them we collected some lovely rosettes.

We had a great time in Stafford ably supported by Alison and Phil Tams and Anne Hutchinson. Alison had to come to my rescue on Saturday evening as I got totally tangled up with 3 excited terriers…the Walsall FC team…but that's another story!!

BISS GCH CH Temora Ri Diercc

March 2014

What a lot of catching up I have to do since December last year!! In mid December went to LKA at the NEC in Birmingham…we have classes for the breed there but no CCs any more. Our Judge was a breed judge, Julie Skelton and it was Sammy's debut in the showring (aka Jumpers Highness of Millvalley). If she won BP she would qualify for Crufts and as her breeder Anke Sutterlin was already booked in to come to Crufts…the pressure was on and also the fact that Sammy had not been to a show or ringcraft was weighing heavily on my mind!! Like the little star she is and having the honour of Germany at stake..she won her class and BP!! That was a relief and the joy of her breeder and Heidi the owner of her father |(bred by me) was rewarding!! Ruby went into the Veteran Class and demonstrated quite firmly to me that she considers her working days to be over so that's her retired for now!!
Locally in February Sammy, Sylva and I went to an Open Show , Upperward of Lanark at Lanark..judge this time was Mr Jim McGhie ( a fellow bluenose) and Sylva won BOB and Group 2 whereas our little German star won the Puppy Group! 2 shows unbeaten but the big one was still to come!!

March=Crufts!! Sammy, Derby and Diva and I all set off on the trip ..staying in the Metropole Hotel on site which makes it so much easier to get to the Halls. By the time I'd had a leisurely breakfast and made my way to Hall 1 the Germans gad landed and it was really great to meet up with Anke, Heidi and Monika again. They were so excited and nervous..more than me!! We were not in the ring till about 4 pm so it was a long day for the dogs but they coped well. Our Judge was Mrs.Sue McCourt to whom I had gifted her first Australian Terrier Ch Millvalley Monopoly who sadly passedaway earlier on this year. This was Diva's last appearance at Crufts…the last time she was there she was BOB…this time she was second in Veteran…not a bad exit for an old girl! Sammy was next and she won her class and ended up as Best Puppy and Derby came third not bad after coming back into the ring after her litter. We were all overjoyed at Sammy's win and certainly celebrated that evening in the hotel. I left for the long drive home the next morning so was not able to meet up with my friends before I left but it was a great occasion for all of us…and Sammy made quite a splash in the Berwickshire News as a result of her win!

22nd March saw us in Bo'ness for Nigel's debut in the show ring (aka Millvalley Blue Lord Derby)He has not really been seriously leadtrained and some bystanders waited to see me pulled flat on my face…but like the Zeb/Tata grandson he is he is a natural..and won BPIG !! Put his photo on Fcebook and have had some lovely comments.

Our next Show is the one we terrier folk love..National Terrier and as I judged the breed last year it will be nice to be showing there again. Also at the show will be Nigel's litter sister Bonnie and his brother Bertie so the competition will be strong and there may be other puppies too…..watch this space!!

December 2013

I must apologise to anyone trying to catch up with the Millvalley blog this year in that I have let it lapse seriously. My excuse..despite hoping to take things a little easier in my work life…I am now working harder than ever dealing with the increased business coming in to our office…good for the tax man!! When I get home the last thing I want to do is sit infront of a computer…will try to do better next year!! Had to stop as the chairman of the MV Escape Committee has just jumped out the garden again…the other dogs told me there was something going on..and yes there was Diva strolling round the front where there is no fence!! This time she came when I called but that does not always happen here!!

Anyway back to news…we had a moderately successful year with Harvey..Ch. Millvalley Scotch Mist winning 2 CCs..his last one at Driffield Ch Show when his mother Paris..Ch/Am CH Temora's The Simple Life won the BCC and his sister Sylva ..Millvalley Prima Donna won the RCC. Sylva won another RCC under Roger Crooks at Blackpool Ch Show. The blue and tans are trying to make a breakthrough but it seems as if all the judges other than breed judges think that red is the colour of an Aussie …just don't get me started on that one!!

Millvalley Azurite owned by Heidi Ehlis in Germany has done a lot of winning this year despite Heidi saying he was not going to be show dog!! He sired his first litter this year too with Jumpers Every Day Funny owned by Anke Sutterlinn. A puppy from that litter is now resident here..Sammy..Jumpers Highness of Millvalley who was at her first show last weekend and won Best Puppy in Breed and thereby qualifying for Crufts 2014. Sammy's grandmother Ruby and Greatgrandmother Alli are both resident here!!

Derby, Temora's Photo Finish had a litter this August..a last throw of the dice for Paddy, Ch Millvalley Fire Cracker. He's withdrawn from stud now as he's done his bit!! She had a very nice litter of 4 boys and 2 girls and they have all found lovely homes except Nigel…who is staying here for as long as his father will permit!! No photos yet of Nigel as he can't stand still long enough!!

It just remains for me to say a very Happy Christmas to all our friends and a Good New Year in 2014


May saw us at the Scottish Kennel Club Ch. Show with Sylva and Derby. We did not do as well as hoped but this has never been a very lucky show for me ..ever! Sylva was 3rd in Limit thereby qualifying her for Crufts and Derby was 2nd in Open and that's as far as we got!

On 13th June I had my first cataract operation..what a revelation..now waiting to have the other eye done. This could have caused me a problem to get to the Blackpool Ch. Show but my very good friends Alison and Phil Tams came all the way over from Cumbria to take Derby, Sylva and me to the show. We had a lovely night out in Chorley with a super meal at Dante's and then to the show the next morning.Our judge was Roger Crooks...died- in- the wool terrier man giving us CCs for the first time. He awarded the DCC to Ch. Millvalley Scotch Mist, his 4th owned by the Skeltons and RBCC to his litter sister Sylva..her first..so that was a good day. That gives Sylva her Stud Book Number and lifetime Crufts qualifier.

On Sunday 30th June we went to Hawick & District Centenary Open Show where Diva won Best Vintage in Show under judge Mr. Albert Wight and Derby won BOB and Group 2 under Mr. Mike Vickers. Well done to Kara Roberts (Junior Handler) who handled Diva in the breed and then won the Group with her Mum's homebred Norwich.

What's next..well on 20th July I fly to Frankfurt to visit my friends Heidi and Edgar Ehlis and also to visit Millvalley Blue Azurite's first litter born to the Jumpers Kennel out there and to catch up with Anke and of course Ginger the mother of the 6 girls..how did she manage that! At the end of July the Australain Terrier Club of Great Britain is holding its 80th Anniversary Show with Judge Mr. Ronnie Irving. That is a weekend to look forward to as there is a dinner the night before in the adjoining hotel.

And more....could there be puppies at Millvalley in September..watch this space!

Finn, owned by Heidi Ehlis has just won his first CACIB with BOB and BIS7 in Salzburg, Austria.
This is his first show outside Germany.

I judged the breed at National Terrier Ch. Show on 6th April this year, the second time I have had this honour and this time I found my BOB in Ch. Wyeafon Illusion In Red owned, bred and handled by Mrs. Ruth Jones. She is a daughter of Int Ch Silhill red Rock at Sherex who was my BOB last time and who then went on to win BIS. Gracie was not so lucky as the BIS judge did not pay her a great deal of attention!

BP was Blue Boomerang’s Heaven Sent owned and bred by Mrs. Oriel Mitchel who came all the way from France on the day. This puppy ‘s father is Temora Bully Boy Blue and her dam is Kisamba’s Magic Music.

The third photo is of Harvey (Ch. Millvalley Scotch Mist) owned by the Skeltons and of course is a Paddy/Paris son brother of Roya and Venture so could that go on a progeny page or the like!

Decided to have a quiet time over the winter and didn’t even make the effort to go to Crufts! I am judging the breed at the next show in April so my excuse was I didn’t want to prejudge any dogs who might appear under me!!

On 16th March the “gruesome twosome” Sylva and Derby and I travelled to Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Show where both girls won their classes…Sylva this time being handled by my “Mindlen” friend Lesley Roberts. Derby won BOB and then went BIS 3 so we came home well pleased with our day. The Judge was Mrs. Shirley Davis of the Honeymist Bedlingtons.

Having got back into the “groove” as it were I picked up a couple of Schedules for hows in April/May but our first foray with CCs will be at SKC in Edinburgh in May. Hopefully we will have got rid of the snow by then!!

Paris ’ 3 puppy girls leave home over the Easter weekend when life should get back to as normal as can be here. They have been fun depite giving me some concerns at the beginning by being born 3 days too soon and being VERY small..they’ve caught up now and are driving the “big” dogs MAD!! Especially their Dad Paddy…as they have found that he is constructed differently to them..he’s now sitting with his legs crossed all the thime!!

21st October

Off to Eston & Barnaby Open Show near Hartlepool where Derby won the Terrier Group under Bedlington Specialist Craig Richardson but after a long wait..we went no further ..but a nice Lunch was consumed and the show was enjoyable.

13th October

The "gruesome twosome" aka Sylva and Derby and I went to Wales for a couple of days to have a holiday and to stay at the wonderful Lake Country House Hotel and Spa. Funnily enough it rained a lot when we were ther and you can imagine what that did to their coats but they had a gret time in the acres of grounds there and even ended up playing with the hotel Labs Cassie and Molly..or should I say that Derby did...Sylva thought that I needed protection and stayed close to me (in other words she was scared of the big dogs but didn't want to show it!!) We had a wonderful time despite the weather and then on the Saturady we took in the South Wales Ch. Show where we have our last set of CCs till Crufts...That was a great day too under judge Frank Kane as Harvey, Millvalley Scotch Mist owned by Malcolm and Julie Skelton gained his 3rd CC becoming the first UK Champion from the litter by Ch. Millvalley Firecracker x Ch/ Am Ch. Temora's The Simple Life although a litter brother Am.Ch Millvalley Venturesome owned by Susan Bentley in the US gained his title earlier on this year. It is time for Sylva to step up to the mark!! Sylva won PG Bitch and Derby was 2nd in Open Bitch and was awarded the RCC so she ends off the year with 1CC and 2RCCs despite being shown very little at Ch Shows in her first season over here. We will start saving up to go back to the hotel next year where both dogs and humans are made most welcome.


Just heard today (16th September) that Finn (Millvalley Azurite) Spitewinter Cosmos at Blujon x Ch. Millvalley Red Ruby has just become a Junior Champion in Germany . He belongs to Heidi Ehlis and is handled by Maike Scheinkoenig..well done to the team out there!!

Me - Finn - Heidi

Friday 14th September saw us at Darlington Ch. Show where there are no CCs on offer for us but Vanessa Cox a breed specialist was judging.

Harvey owned by the Skeltons was BOB and his sister Sylva was BOS and Derby RBB. Diva was also there and won the Veteran class thereby qualifying her for the Veteran Group. Darlington was the first and I think only Championship show to have a Veteran Group and the first time it was held Diva's grandmother Ch. Dinky Di Southern Cross won it. A couple of years later her daughter Ch. Millvalley Heather Belle (Diva's mother) got group 2..and Diva....well sadly was not placed!

1st September and we were at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire for The City of Birmingham Ch, Show where Breed Specialist Lyn Bell was the judge. Derby won the RCC thereby getting her Stud Book Number and a life qualification for Crufts.The other half of the "gruesome twosome" Sylva, (Millvalley Prima Donna) won her class too so she is also Crufts qualified.

5th August saw a gathering of 6 Millvalleys at Falkirk Open Show for Mike Vickers to go over. Brenda Brown handled Rufus to win the Terrier Group and then on to BIS...that was a special day for us.Cody is counted as an honorary MV for the day!

On 22nd June after one of the wettest summers on record we congregated at Blackpool where our Judge was Mrs. Liz Cartledge. When I left the Travelodge that morning it was dry so I was hopeful that as the Showground was on a hill that conditions would be reasonable...WRONG..we were met by mobile homes being tractored on to the Showground as the underlying conditions in the car park were so bad! We were as usual benched at the faraway end of the showground but hey it was still fair! Got the the girls benched and the heavens just opened ..monsoon in Blackpool! Underfoot the conditions in the tent were atrocious ..outside the rings were better but it was too wet even for the hardiest of terrier folk. We showed in the tent..the water in the ring was above the level of the grass....Derby who ploughed through the water like a little tug boat..she has a good keel..won Limit and thereby qualified for Crufts which is what I wanted. Paris (Ch/AM Ch Temora's The Simple Life) had been told by me not to pack her "Jimmy Choos" did she listen..so she picked her way round the ring shaking each foot as it came out of the water..lesson learned Paris is not a fan of water. She swam in 3rd in Open Bitch! The mud on the dogs was unbelievable so we set up a production line that each dog was handed to Phil Tams armed with a towel to be cleaned and dried before going back in the ring for the challenge! Left the show immediately afterwards ...the rest of the two days of the show were abandoned!!

28th April WELKS

We made the long trip south to Malvern to support a breed Judge Julie Skelton..she had a fantasic entry of 17 dogs in 3 classes considering there were no CCs on offer for us. The weather was cold and wet underfoot but we Scots are tough!! Derby (Temora's Photo Finish) made her debut in the breed here and up against good competition she was BOS...Paris who was also there was not amused at this young pretender taking over. The critique is not yet available.

We are taking a break from the shows now till I get back from the US Specialty in June .

The same weekend as WELKS in Limburg, Germany, Millvalley Blue Azurite made his show debut. He is owned by Heidi Ehlis and was shown by Maike Scheinkoenig. He did rather well winning Excellent, Junior CAC and VDH Junior CAC. Ruby was impressed by her son's win!! A great result for Finn and Heidi!!

Easter Weekend:
This saw my annual pilgrimage to the National Terrier Ch. Show at Stafford. I had been undecided as to whether to give a breed entry..in the end I entered Paris (Ch/Am.Ch Temora's The Simple Life and to my delight and surprise she took the BCC and BOS. (Her 6th) The judge Mr. Jack Watson writes in his critique:
"Excellent type with a well proportioned head,good neck and shoulders and spring of rib, correct balance throughout,presenting a nice outline, in good coat and condition."

Also at this show there is held the final of The Top Open Show Dog of The Year..this year judged by Mr. Ronnie Irving the recently retired Chairman of our Kennel Club...the judge is always kept a secret till the last minute.
There were 3 Aussies entered..all Millvalleys and all qualified by Rachel Leeson. To qualify the dog/bitch has to go BIS at a Terrier show throughout the preceding year and this year Ch/Am Ch Millvalley Red Rufus, his sister Ch. Millvalley Red Ruby and their grandmother Ch. Millvalley Heather Belle were all present. Rufus was 4th and his critique says:
"A typical Aussie with all the swank that we have latterly come to expect of this breed. He moved up and down well and and enough length of head neck and body.Sadly he was rather lacking in coat on the day or might have been placed higher"
Ch. Millvalley Heather Belle (Melba) aged 11 1/2 retired from the show ring after this at the show where 10 years ago she had made history in being BPIS

The Millvalleys had a successful Crufts. Ch/Am Ch Millvalley Red Rufus won the DCC His 14th and his nephew Millvalley The Exciseman aka Tiger won the RDCC.
In bitches Ch. Millvalley Heather Belle aged 11 and 6 months was 2nd in Veteran Bitch ..this was to be Melba's last appearance at Crufts and we'd hoped she would go out on a winning streak but ..hey she's had a great show carreer. She will bow out finally at National TerrierCh. Show where she had her first big win being BPIS all those years ago. Paris (Ch/Am Ch Temora's The Simple Life) was second in Open Bitch to the eventual BOB. A son of Paddy (Ch. Millvalley Firecracker) was BP so a good day all round. Rufus's Estonian bred daughter Cody owned by Rachel Leeson was also second in Special Junior Bitch to the bitch who won the RCC The judge was well known former breeder and exhibitor Mrs. Velma Hodgson (Brimartz).

Rachel went to a general open show near Coventry and this time Coral won the Puppy Terrier Group again but got no further...but well done to her. We missed a show in Edinburgh today due to me being bad with a heavy cold...just as well really as the snow which was forecast to come in the afternoon came in the morning so I was pleased to have been at home and not struggling home in the snow.

Attended my first show of the year at Lanark and it was also Derby's debut show. Alice won Minor Puppy Bitch at her very first show and was only beaten by the Puppy dog from AVNSC PD for Best Terrier Puppy in Group..she showed well and seemed to be a natural!! Derby came second in that Variety class and as I had only intended to take her along for experience..I was delighted with her performance.
In the Midlands Rachel Leeson was showing Alice's sister Millvalley Red Coral also aged 6 months at Bury Sporting Terrier Show and went Best Puppy In Show and her mother Ch. Millvalley Red Ruby was RBIS!! Coral is now owned by Rachel.


I must apologise for not keeping up to date so can I wish you all a very Happy and Successful New Year!!

I almost lost the will to live in November as I went to a show in Bo'ness here in Scotland and a few days later Kennel Cough struck. Out of 11 Millvalleys 7 went down with it so that put paid to any more shows for 2011 and I did not do entries for this year till I knew we had overcome this setback. My New Year's resolution...to keep this blog up to date!!

My best present for a long time was the arrival of Temora's Photo Finish (Derby). She came here under the new Regulations and I was at Heathrow just over a week ago to collect her. She is settling in well here though must find the Millvalley pack a bit daunting. She is just slightly younger than Sylva and they have bonded. Derby will be shown here in Scotland and the North of England as she has a lot of maturing to do and I am in no rush to take her to Ch. Shows where she would no doubt be under great scrutiny and she doesn't need that...besides we are suffering at the moment from what Rachel calls "reditis" and Derby is a blue and tan! Her parentage is second to none and that is why she will be kept up here till I think she is ready for the bright lights (GCh Kambara's Zebulon x GCh Temora Taint She Sweet)

Just to digress when I first came into the breed reds were very rare and tended to be a bit overlooked in favour of the more usual blue/tans...now the reverse is true..and I do wonder if those judging our breed now are aware that both colours are correct..


At the London & Home Counties Terrier Show, Sylva (Millvalley Prima Donna) was BP, BOB and Puppy Group 4. Melba just short of 11 years old was BVIS but better than that went BIS thereby qualifying for The Top Show Dog of the Year along with her grandson Rufus and granddaughter Ruby.

Any volunteers for a handler!!

Paris & Paddy

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Off to Edinburgh to the Scottish Kennel Club Ch. Show (SKC) The judge on this occasion was Mr. Max King awarding CCs for the second time. This time Paris got her third and crowning CC so she is now also a UK champion and we think possibly the first dual qualified American bitch. Her breeder Julie was to put it mildly delighted when I phoned and told her!! Diva was competing in the Veteran Stakes and came a credible second winning £15!!


Back to Stafford for the National Show where our judge, Mr. Albert Wight from Scotland was awarding CCs in the breed for the first time. Here Paris won her second CC..she won her first one at the same show last year. This was her first time out after having her litter so we were pleased with that. BOB and BIS..a huge achievment for an Aussie over here was Multi Ch. Jaskarin Peperencino whose mother is a daughter of Melba and a litter sister of Paddy and Diva..so Millvalley breeding did well that day.


As I was away judging at Hartlepool Rachel and the show team were at Lancashire Sporting Terrier and Ruby went BIS!! Thanks to judge Mrs. Lesley Crawley. That now qualifies both Rufus and Ruby for the Top Dog competition nest year. Melba continued her winning run by going BVIS as well..can't get better than that.

April 2011

National Terrier Championship Show

Again accompanied by Mrs Ann Hutchison an international all round judge, we attended National Terrier also celebrating Rachel's 50th Birthday.
Again the Millvalleys Rufus and Ruby won both RCCs with Peperencino again winning the DCC and going RBIS so well done to him.
Rufus was also competing in the Top Open Show Dog of the Year and handled by Richard Allen as always he came in third. An excellent result.

Ann and I had a lovely weekend with a little bit of retail therapy enjoyed as well. That weekend saw the last of the Norwich Puppies reaching their final destinations and also another Australian Terrier puppy going to its new home.
All I have left now is Classy who will be going to Russia in May and a hooligan called Sylva who will be staying at Millvalley and her somewhat quieter brother Puffin who will probably join the Midlands branch of the Millvalleys shortly.


Is it really a year since I was judging at Crufts, it must be a sign of old age that the time is slipping by so quickly.
This year I had a full complement of show dogs apart from Paris of course who was on maternal duties at the time but Rufus got the Reserve CC, Diva was Second in Open and Ruby attending her first ever Crufts was third in Open.
We all expected Diva to be invited in to challenge for the Reserve CC but no, the judge awarded the Reserve CC to Ch.Millvalley Heather Belle at the age of ten and a half years. A big cheer went round the ring when that happened.
The DCC and BOB went to Sw.Ch.Jaskarin Peperencino. This red dog's mother is multi Ch Millvalley Styled in Red for Sillhill, Diva's sister and Melba's daughter.
In other words of the three other ticket winners Melba was the grandmother of all three of them.


Australian Terrier Club of G.B. - Open Show

At the Open Show Peperencino was again BIS but Ruby came into her own here and was RBIS and Melba again was BV. A good day for the Millvalleys all round. Rufus was again RBD.


Rachel off on her travels again..this time to Sporting Terrier Club of Yorkshire when the previous day's results were repeated!! Special thanks to all the judges..especially to those who have complimented Melba on wearing well..better than her owner!!


The Millvalleys were off to West Midland Terrier Show...Rufus was withdrawn. His sister Ruby got BOB and was in the last 6 for BIS and Melba again won BVIS though her rival Gloria Cesky had had to pull a sickie that day and the following day.

Some of Rufus's offspring in the USA had Cerf tests done.
The veterinarian commented how perfect and beautiful all the eyes were in clarity.
Tested were Mac, Desi & Viki


Saw Rachel and the Millvalley show team (Rufus, Ruby and Melba) off to Bury Sporting Terrier Show..the first of such shows this year. Rufus went BIS thus qualifying yet again for the National Terrier Open Show Dog of the Year for 2011 held at the show in 2012. Melba went BVIS. Rachel flew home that night!!

The following weekend saw Rachel in Estonia to see the Rufus litter then aged about 6 weeks Missy stayed with Rachel till the "wedding" took place.Thank you Anne-Lii for looking after Rachel.


We do not have CCs at Manchester but for a couple of years or so the Committee have scheduled classes for us. What a pity that the entry was so poor..I know it was a Thursday but we will lose these classes if we do not support them.
There were 6 dogs entered in total.
The judge was Edward Allen, brother of Richard. Edward has already judged our Club Open Show a few years back. Best Dog was Ch./Am. Millvalley Red Rufus and Best Bitch and BOB was Ch. Silhill Sweet Pea carrying on where she left off last year apart from Midland Counties of course. Ch. Millvalley Red Ruby was RBB.
Because of puppy duties I was not able to be at the show so thanks to Rachel for taking charge of the show team on this occasion.
The next Championship Show for us will be Crufts!!


Saw us attending Midland Counties Championship Show. For the first time in many years there were classes for the breed but no CCs on offer.
There was only an entry of 4 dogs present and Rufus was BOB and Paris RBB.
This will be the last of our travels in the UK this year but we are looking forward to going to Kortrijk in Belgium in November.


Saw the Millvalleys travelling up to The Terrier Club of Scotland Open show.
The full team was not present it was just Diva and Maggie and the judge was to be Mike Vickers but due to illness we had a substitute judge in Bill Shorthose.
Diva was BVIS and Maggie won Not Separately Classified but neither went any further than that.


We adjourned to Darlington Championship Dog Show where there are classes for us but no tickets on offer. This show is held in the beautiful surroundings of Newby Hall in Yorkshire and we were blessed this year with good weather both before and during the show and everything was extremely pleasant.
Rufus won BD and his grandmother, Melba (Ch. Millvalley Heather Belle) won the VC. Darlington have a Veteran Group which this year was judged by Mrs Brenda Banbury. Melba was Group 2.
Her mother had won the group the very first time it was held at Darlington but unfortunately Melba was not emulating her mother's success.
The breed on this occasion was judged by Mrs Patsy Hollings.

After a break of about a couple of weeks it was back down to Yorkshire this time to Wetherby Race Course for Driffield Championship Show. The journey down the day before the show was absolutely dreadful, it was pure water which was falling in front of the car and I did have a moment of panic when I aquaplaned on one occasion on the motorway but luckily the car managed to cope with that.
I did wonder what the conditions would be like on the show ground but driving a 4x4 I comforted myself in hoping everything would be alright. The show day dawned bright and clear and sunny but the conditions underfoot were very, very muddy and I know from reading the dog papers that those who were showing there on the last day, where it rained incessantly, had to wait between 2 and 4 hours to get out of the show ground because of the underfoot conditions.
The judge this time was again another first timer, Colin Powell who again awarded the DCC to Rufus which meant that we were able to leave the show ground while the conditions underfoot were reasonable. The following weekend it was back down to Wales.
This time for the South Wales Kennel Association and again Rachel and I stayed at our favourite hotel The Park Hotel near Abergaveny. We had a great night the night before the show and we joined in a Farmers Auction and ended up with all sorts of unsuitable items but nevertheless enjoyed the evening.
At South Wales our judge again awarding CCs for the first time was Phillip Horspool.
Again Rufus won the Dog Ticket and this time Ch. Millvalley Diva who was also being shown won the RBCC. Her mother, Melba was entered in the Veteran Stakes and won on the day and that was very nice because she won the handsome sum of £20. Another successful Scottish raid into Wales.


Rachel came up with the rest of the Millvalley team so that we could attend the Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Open Show held at Worsall on a beautiful day and in beautiful countryside.
Lesley Roberts was the judge for Australian Terriers and also the Best in Show Judge and again Rufus triumphed and went BIS thus qualifying him for the National Terrier Open Show Dog Competition next year (we call it top tottie).


This is the start of a very intensive period of dog shows for the Millvalley team and the show is held at the National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh near Coventry which is an ideal show ground with ample parking.
On this occasion the judge was Stuart Plane awarding tickets for the first time in our breed.
The DCC went to Rufus but again he missed out for BOB nevertheless we enjoyed our day and finished off with some retail therapy at Weedon Country Park afterwards!

On Friday 20th August, Paris McSeaton-Stoddart and I set out at 07.00 for the long journey to Mid Wales. At that point I had no idea just how long the journey was going to take!! The Motorways of England on a Friday are always difficult especially the M6 but had to go on it at some point!
Well who decided to have a Music Festival just off Junctions 11 and 13...they didn't consult either Paris or me so of course progress getting there was slow and I had intended to take the same route over to Wales but had to go via Birmingham and Worcester and eventually made the hotel near Abergavenny at about 6 p.m.
We met up at the hotel with Rachel who had Rufus and Melba with her.
Next day made our way over the mountain to the Royal Welsh Showground at Builth Wells where we were first in the ring. I was delighted to see Rufus, handled as always by Richard Allen win his 9th CC..his first on home soil after his visit to the USA.
Paris was 3rd in Open Bitch behind this year's top Aussie and red bitch on 2CCs. In fact Blue and Tans were not in fashion at this show though Ruth Jones did get the RDCC with one of her new Blue and Tan Champions.
Rufus was beaten for BOB by the top winning Aussie this year.
Peter Green had to take on a judging role unexpectedly as the Judge for 3 Terrier Breeds had been taken to hospital that morning. It is nice to see that Peter always supports his "local"show.
After a well deserved rest back at the hotel we enjoyed a lovely dinner and an early night. The journey home was SO much better...left the hotel at 09.00 and was home by 3.30p.m. The Millvalleys seemed pleased to have us back and tried to tell me that Darren, the dogsitter had not fed ANY of them at lunchtime...totally untrue of course!!
Our judge on this occasion was Tom Mather..well known as the Secretary of U.K. Toydog and on the Crufts Coommittee for the Kennel Club.
He was awarding CCs for the first time and his critique will be interesting I am sure.

Paris, Rufus, Maggi and Melba made the journey back down to Staffordshire for The Australain Terrier Club of Great Britain's Ch. Show.
Weather was hot so we were able to hold the show outside.
Judge this year was Martin Phillips who has the successful Jaeva Kennels of Norfolks and Norwiches.
Rufus was reunited with Richard Allen and who had him looking super but to no avail!
Neither Maggi nor Paris got a mention in the tickets either but Melba at 9 years and 10 months won a good Veteran Bitch class..there were 2 Group winners in the Class including Melba (Ch. Millvalley Heather Belle) the other was Ch. Millvalley Monopoly at Silhill the first Aussie to be owned by Sue McCourt and given to her as a gift from me.
Melba was BVIS and we were all delighted!!

Paris won BOB at Falkirk & District C.S. under Judge Lorna Brown.
She beat Rufus and Ruby..who was back being handled by her usual handler Rachel making her way round the ring despite still being in pain after her dreadful ankle injury in February this year. Welcome back!!
Paris went on to take Group 2 which gave us time for retail therapy on the way home!!

On 18th July we traveled south to the Newton Aycliffe & District Open Show.
Paris was entered in AVNSC and was eventually Best NSC and then went on the win the Terrier Group.
The judge was Mr. Keith Derry, well known for his Vistca Dandie Dinmonts.
We also brought home a silver cup!!

Again a very hot and sunny day at Blackpool..sunburn all round..missed this show last year because Diva was giving birth.
The Judge was Jeff Luscott giving our breed CCs for the second time.
He awarded the DCC to Paul Eardley's Millvalley Rantin Robin at Sherex,his first(Ch. Bluepeppers Rock-et to Sherex x Ch. Millvalley Red Ruby)
In bitches he gave the Paris the RCC so in the three shows she has attended over here so far she has 1CC and 2RCCs so has been in the cards each time.
Millvalley The Exciseman, another Ruby son won the Limit class so the two brothers had to challenge each other for the CC. Sadly Tiger did not win the RCC but all in all the Millvalleys did well.
It should not be overlooked that BCC winner who went on to .get Group 3 has a Millvalley mother, Ch. Millvalley Styled In Red, who now resident in Scandinavia.


Friday 7th May saw us at The National Dog Show.
It was Paris Seaton's first Ch. Show so everybody was a bit nervous!! First of all Millvalley The Exciseman (Tiger) now with his new owners who had him looking absolutely superb..won the RCC. Alison his owner was over the moon but it was well deserved though I may be biased!!
Then Millvalley Maggi Blue won Puppy Bitch and it was then Paris' turn in Open Bitch which she won against 4 other bitches..the biggest class of the day!
I was SO delighted when the Judge, Mr. Roger Wright handed me the CC.
She did not get BOB but I think that she is not yet ready for that as she is still a bit short of coat. I don't think she has told Diva about this yet as they are still good friends...she was entered but I pulled her in favour of Paris...don't tell her that either!! In all there was an entry of 23 dogs but I think there were a couple of absentees.


On Sunday I showed at Selkirk & District Open Show. This is a reasonably local show for me and more importantly it was Paris Seaton's first UK Show!
The Terrier Judge was Mr. Roger Crooks a WFT specialist and he awarded Ch. Millvalley Heather Belle (Melba) aged 9 years and 7 months BVIS.
Am. Ch. Temora's The Simple Life won the AVNSC Class and was Group 2.
Ralindi Ever Ready for Millvalley was Terrier Puppy Group 2.
All in all a good day and we got back home in reasonable time too for once.

Easter Saturday this year saw us at National Terrier Ch. Show, the biggest day of the year for terrier folk.
It was Millvalley Maggi Blue's debut at a Championship show she managed 3rd in the Puppy Bitch
class which of course qualifies her for Crufts next Year. Ch. Millvalley Red Ruby won the RCC.

On 20th March I went to The Northern Counties Sporting Show where Millvalley Rorie More won BOB (beating his mother Red Ruby!!) and Millvalley Maggi Blue won BPIS therby qualifying her for a place in the Top Show Puppy of the Year at next year's National Terrier Show.
This is a new competition to encourage terrier folk to exhibit at Open Shows. National Terrier already run The Top Show Dog of The Year and have now this year included puppies.

On Good Friday, being already based in Stafford for The National Terrier Ch. Show on Easter Saturday I drove down to the Quarantine Centre at London Heathrow Airport to collect a very precious cargo...Paris Seaton aka Am. Ch. Temora's The Simple Life who is here for at least till Crufts 2011. She had travelled well and was handed over to me by the Officer in Charge who had featured in the TV series about Heathrow some years ago. So she met her first celebrity!! We spent the next 2 days getting to know each other with the help of Ruby(Ch. Millvalley Red Ruby) and Maggi (Millvalley Maggi Blue) I knew things were OK when Paris and Maggi had a silly turn in the room of the hotel..you know tearing round the furniture over and under like Aussies do!! Ruby looked on disapprovingly. We got back home yesterday and Paris has already made my kitchen island unit her "place". She can see out the window from there. Everybody in the clan has accepted her without a problem so far..so now our visitor is becoming one of us. She has already met one of her Vets as she has had to have a Lepto Vaccination just in case.

Critique of Australian Terriers @ Crufts: CRUFTS 2010

When I qualified my first Aussie for Crufts 1983 I was a very new exhibitor and never did it cross my mind that I would ever be invited to judge the breed at Crufts..and here I am 27 years on and obviously considered old enough to do just that!!
The Kennel Club offered a hotel and meals for the night before I judged and as Birmingham is about 320 miles away from Mill Valley I took up the invitation. I left early on Thursday morning and after a good drive down arrived at the hotel in plenty of time to go across to Crufts for the afternnon.
The hotel is within walking distance of the Halls at the NEC. I tried SO hard to spend some money at the stalls which fill the Halls but this year was unable to find the Must Have! Friday was soon upon me and after Sealyhams had been judged I was in the ring about 10.45. I was under a little pressure as there were about 90 Airedales to follow on but I think I gave each dog plenty of time.
I am not writing a critique at this stage..will do that soon for the dog papers. There were no absentees from an entry of 9 dogs and 25 bitches. I had some entries from Europe which was lovely..it is always nice to see people and dogs who are new to you.
My BOB was Mrs. M.R. Jones' Silhill Limited Edition at Wyeafon,his third CC on the day so that made him up (subject to K.C.approval)
My BCC and BOS went to Est/Fin Ch. Truozzy's Hand in Hand. She got the RCC last year to my Diva. It was nice to see her back because it is a long journey...usually Ruth and I compete for that title of the longest journey as she comes from Wales and like me comes to most of the shows but this time I think Estonia got that title too!!
I thoroughly enjoyed my day in the limelight and Ted looked super in the Group Ring..even the Kennel Club Chairman Ronnie Irving remarked on how nice he looked. It was nice to meet up with Bill McFadden, not handling this year, who handled Rufus to his US title last year and
I caught a glimpse of Peter Green and Beth Sweigert just before the Group judging.
Beth gave Rufus that vital Major at Hatboro.
Managed a very quick word with Pamela Levy before I dashed off to have a very delicious Judges' Lunch!!
The winners were bred as follows: Silhill Limited Edition at Wyeafon (Ch. Bluepeppers Rock-et to Sherex x Ch. Millvalley Monopoly at Silhill)
Est/Fin Ch. Truozzy's Hand in Hand ( Est/Lv Ch. Temora's American Express x Fin/Tu/Pl/Lv Ch.Somehow Some Tru 'N'Oz)
It was not an intentional decision that both were blue and tan!! They were just simply the best!!

Ch/Am Ch Millvalley Red Rufus is now back on British soil...though not yet back with me because I have too many bitches in season!! He is now available at stud and to see his progeny so far check out Julie Seaton's web site at www.temora.net He will be shown from time to time but I will probably concentrate on showing him in Europe this year with Diva.

I went to The Rutherglen Valentine Show held at Lanark. This is the first time I had managed to make it to this venue having had problems with snow last year and earlier on this year.Ch. Millvalley Heather Belle now aged 9 years and 5 months was second in a very large Veteran Class judged by Paul Wilkinson who gives CCs in our breed. Millvalley Rorie More won AVNSC. There were no Aussie classes and then Group 2 under Judge Alan Small (Bethane) who now shows an Aussie. The AV Puppy class was filled with Aussies and a few others!! It was won by Brenda Brown's Ralindi Express Yourself who also won Best Terrier Puppy. She is another Firecracker daughter.

We went to The Caledonian Canine Society's Open Show in Edinburgh. With the help of my friend Rachel we had 6 dogs entered and altogether there was an entry of 10 Aussies for the Judge Patsy Hollings (Gunalt) to go over. BOB was Ch. Millvalley Diva who also won the Terrier Group and her challenger for BOB was Millvalley Rorie More. Diva's daughter Millvalley Maggi-Blue and Ralindi Ever Ready for Millvalley made their debuts here and were both 2nd in their classes which were AV classes. BPIB was Lorna Brown's Ralindi The Executor and he got Puppy Group 3He is sired by Ch.Millvalley Firecracker as is my Ralindi Ever Ready for Millvalley.

Lancashire Sporting Terrier Results:

Millvalley The Exciseman was awarded BOB, and then shortlisted for Best In Show. Mich Dale (Lynnsto) was judging the breed for the first time. Best In Show was judged by Hilary Gilpin (Otterbobs)

Ruby (CH Millvalley Red Ruby) won RBIS at the Manchster & District Sporting Terrier Club today!

Following extensive research, including publications and great help from the Kennel Club library, I'm pleased to be able to confirm that it is believed Rufus is the first UK champion to be campaigned to his championship in America.